Value creation is the core foundation on which Tatweer Misr has been able to develop innovative projects with a transformational impact on people at all times. Since the company’s inception, our iconic developments have been demonstrating unmatched readiness for change and creativity — which are the fundamental basis of entrepreneurship world-wide. We understand that innovation is imperative in a rapidly changing world. Therefore, we constantly build on its more far reaching benefits not only to find intelligent solutions that tackle major social ills, but also to adopt more proactive approaches that create a sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

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At Tatweer Misr, design and architecture are a unique language that translates into timeless statements of contemporary elegance and individuality.

Inspired by the natural surroundings of our strategic locations, all our developments infuse functionality and brain values, as well as emotion, to meet today the needs of tomorrow.

By partnering with world-renowned architects and leading design firms, Tatweer Misr has managed to create an innovative portfolio that reflects a unique aesthetic union of function and form.

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